Photos by Artist, Fashion Writer and Street Photographer: Mari J Brooklyn.

 Well known by a horde of melodramatic “clubkids”, “Soho Celebrity’s” and plenty of the popular connoisseurs to NYC’s hip local sets, Mari J. Brooklyn has become a public figure by way of her chic personal style. Bringing a great deal of appreciation to the gimmick of paparazzi, Mari J. captures a broad range of street fashion which scales from elite figureheads to hip socialites over to fashion stylist, and dozens of aspiring models.

Just as soon as I arrived on set and we had all of our first time “size-ups”, “hello’s” and “how you doin’s?” out of the way Mari and I got straight down to business.

Caption: Right, Mari J. Brooklyn is certainly the cool chick amidst many of NYC’s hottest functions.

As we began to coast along Manhattans South Street Seaport and connected through varying decree’s of mutual friends, Mari J. eventually opened up about her vision and by way suggested that I tackle a “rough and raw” urban look. She imposed that shooting me this way would suit me quite well being that my portfolio was so clean and didn’t really have anything too “natural” going on anyway. Yet deep down inside my mind was scratching for anything but natural for that day. In the back of my thoughts I wanted to run, scream, jump back in a cab and hide like a little bitch wimp. If you know me personally then you know good and well how I feel about a bad photo! Not to mention for this particular day I was only working on about 5 hours of sleep and defintely relying on some good ole’ natural man make-up to rid me of my sleepy eyes. Eh, whatever- I got over it.

To begin with, we condensed a few shots for the online magazine, Universe Magazine which Mari J. Brooklyn exclusively handles the street-style section for. Shout-out to my dear friend designer Jedda Kahn for allowing me snatch up his limited edition bear chain before hand. Moved along by my gritted expressions and this seemingly new and unused character of mine, Mari and I sparked a fresh conversation on modeling vs acting. We agreed that with modeling growing more and more lucrative every year that the acting world was truly where the mainstream success was. A place where respectable earnings flourish. Real money that today’s “Supermodel” will probably never ever see but yesterday’s Supermodel rightfully demanded. Even though modeling remains a deep passion of mine after all these years, this new comparison has definitely gotten my mind buzzing. Mari J. Brooklyn has definitely got me more then ready to throw-up my a middle finger to those generic “Model-Turned-Actor” cliche’s!

Hoodie: The Gap     Jacket: Diesel    
Jeans: Ksubi Jeans     Shirt: Topshop(London)
Chain: Jedda Kahn Collection    Watch: Kenneth Cole    Bracelet: Redd Merge Accessories
Shoes: Converse Special Edition high-tops.

As the thought of expanding on this additional chapter in my career grows on me I can’t help but get excited as it’s generally been of ease for me to gain small walk-on roles in the past. This is all humbly speaking of course.

Based upon my shoot with Mary J. Brooklyn, couldn’t you all see me rocking it out in a plethora of street drama’s like The Warrior’s, The Wire, Law & Order, and Brooklyn’s Finest?

Well, I guess we’ll find out. 😉

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Catch the rest of our shoot photo’s below.