Hotel Empire Sign NYCAs New York Fashion Week flung into full effect, a generous supply of invites further commenced. From Lincoln Center to Soho, over to hotels in the meatpacking, then back uptown to lounges in midtown- New York Fashion Week came clustered with an overflow of evening affairs.

Empire Hotel Rooftop view

By Monday evening, I found myself occupied by New York Fashion Weeks Style Lounge, which offered an interesting array of both new and emerging designers. Not mention, the usual one hour open bar.

It was situated on the top level of the hotel, the sky lounge (as seen above) which had me feeling all kinds of alive. The sparkly city light filled views had me shuttered with a sheet of smooth, soothing vibes.

Tony Triumph NYFW Style LoungeI stepped into the room, as dapper and chic as I could, and cheesed my way across the red carpet.

tony triumph style lounge nyfwThe smell of Autumn pierced the air and I couldn’t be more excited for a breezy night, so I covered my dome with a classically woven brim hat, neck customized by a black Versace bow-tie, rocked my favorite scarf from Saint Laurent, a Rag&Bone vest, the best hand-me-down navy blue suit Jacket I could ask for (gift from my Dad), and a pair of green American Apparel denim jeans. My shoes, as seen in the photo before, are from the Calvin Klein collection.

Accompanied by bright and beautiful European based gem, my treat for the evening came fused as the one and only Jara Ezo as my Style Lounge partner.

Tony Triumph and Jara Ezo 1Jara (pictured right), who is a Paris based recording artist with a Tina Turner meets Grace Jones ‘esque style, was also in town to partake in a huge line-up of Fashion Week events. Sharing an elevator ride up to the Style Lounge penthouse, our introduction came in the form of dual compliments amongst each others outfits.

Jara Ezo red carpetJara Ezo then solo side stepped her way across the red carpet, as she too flounced in one of her signature apparel’s. Check out the cat-woman in Jara! *meow*

Tony Triumph New York Fashion Week-002

Per my usual style standards, you’ll find that I bundled together both high & low-end labels to create my look. If you peep below, I’ve made it quite easy for anyone to snag pieces from this evenings look.

Note: These are all either replica’s or a close call to what I actually wore.

NYFW Empire hotel DJ

A decent mix of head nods and fashion forward odds, the DJ threw together an exquisite round of tunes while Fashion Week patrons shopped, mingled, and sipped. As the evening commenced, Jara and I engaged in plenty of chit-chat about her new CD, music video and upcoming projects and travels. This girl is on the move!

Style Lounge NYFWAfter our step and repeat was over, Jara did some private VIP shopping.

Jara shops at style lounge…and scooped quite a few interesting numbers, most items suited perfectly for the modern day metropolis city dweller.

Such as Vespertine, NYC’s first Haute Reflecture line…


vespertine 1

Which is a line of reflective female ready-to-wear, made precisely for those inner city bike riders whose mere wishes are to remain safe, sleek and chic..

Jara and Vespertine

While Jara Ezo smacked poses with Vespertine’s brand ambassador(isn’t she cute?), I rendezvoused and scooped the specs on their debute. Vespertine red carpet

Once the evening sunset greeted us with nightfall, Vespertine became the perfect attraction for such an evening themed event. As their entire collection is based on both a fashionable and protective take on bike riding, the room roared quite an intuitive approach to this reflective light geared invention.

Tony Triumph and Jaras Ezo Empire Hotel NYC

As the night winded down, my camera shuttered onto one last shot for the evening (as seen above). Once I joined this group of eclectic internationals, the fellow pictured in the green button up, made a spontaneous confession about how much he dug my style and that he “wanted to be like me in his next life”.

Once the evenings energy began dying down, group hugs were exchanged with business cards and double french cheek kisses. As Jara and I parted ways from The New York Fashion Week Style Lounge, this fabulous night of new friends and fresh ideals turned into indistinct moments that we vowed to always appreciate.

To learn more about Jara, her music and upcoming performances you can stop by her official website here.

Stay tuned for my exclusive chit-chat with Jara Ezo interview coming soon!