Sunshine and fine wines ushered in a super dope weekend for a freaky, fabulous, and eccentrically sexy crowd on Saturday afternoon.  Between the Brooklyn Film Festival and the Everyday People Brunch Party, I partied way too hard. Rain-free weather, glistening skin and orange seared Sangria made up for all of memorial day weekend’s chills.

Back in NYC from a fabulous four month Parisian experience, I hipster downed my usual posh flare for a cool and trendy new Sunday funday experience: Everyday PPL NYC.

I’ve been virtually spying and catching the back-end buzz from all of my hip & trendy party hopping social media homies. Though apparently, secret brunching has been going on for quite some time now.  I’ve been officially retired from the NYC party scene for nearly two years now, however Everyday PPL NYC provided an exciting reminder of why exactly I had became so addicted to “the scene” in the first place.

Everyday Ppl brunch NYC

Jam packed and humid- the crowd vibes gave off a mix of eclectic friendliness and simmer downed diva-tude.  All in all, most of us accepted the fact that it was a hot sexy Summer Sunday and had merely passed through to drink, be seen, and get our grooves on.

Everday People Brunch Party- Mens Fashion Bowties

Decked in a zebra print button-up, a bow-tie, and some Ray-Bans, I hi the scene around 5 O’Clock.

Though the actual party hours were from 12-8pm.

image (93)

Chef Roble, the party host (tan hat), had his hands full mingling with the majority of certain party guests.

As I moved across the tropical oasis themed room, I  began spotting hordes of people I hadn’t seen in years. Some I’d only met  once or twice that remembered me by name, others I recognized by face but couldn’t quite  put a name to.

photo (2)-001

Me and my jackson 5 looking self as I posed for a quick flick with my buddy Shay.

 image (99)

..and I also stopped, chit-chatted  and grabbed a quick flick with DJ and R&B singer Solange Knowles.

Easy going and down-to-earth, she actually extended her hand and introduced herself as I was still approaching.  #gottaloveher

image (62)-002

Moving about the room, the bohemian Brooklyn qualities collided with lower east side hipster varieties.

Dj Stiletto Mari Malik

My girl Mari Malek, aka Dj Stiletto  eventually strutted her gorgeous self into the building.

image (45)-001

….and after a short introduction, my longtime friend Woodlene Adeyemo  and buddy Shay posed for a quick flick.

Mari Malik and Tony Triumph

Semi blurry but beautiful @djstiletto and I. The Brunch party was officially turnt up at this point!

image (88)-001

 I also ran into my gal pal Chantelle, looking bright and briskly.  Ain’t she cute?

image (94)

Another R&B Singer, Luke James was also in the building, chillin’.

Luke James Everyday PPl NYC

Luke was also spotted posing  for a couple snapshots here and there.

image (95)-001

The brown skinned beauties were an almost overwhelming eye candy delight.

Everyday PPl Brunch NYC

Inside, the second floor become the unofficial cool down room/ dance factory.

image (48)

Solange was front and center as the cool kids spun all sorts of kicks, spins, and splits across the room.

image (50)

As I spread my wings to cool down, my homie Woodlene flicked away with her I-phone.

image (51)

Drinks splashed and spilled  as the party people continued to chill, and half of all the hipster crew took over the dance floor.

image (55)

Back upstairs, the party was still in full effect:

image (71)

The color splashing and music blasting suddenly had me Instagram-ing my life away.

image (77)

I spotted + Instagram-ed my homie: artist and model Folesade handling her business on the dance floor. “Get it, girl!”

image (90)

 As you can see, all sorts of colors, shapes, curves, and  cameos came a sizzling at this weekends Everyday People NYC brunch.

 image (79)

Woodlene and I got in a few selfies as the evening progressed.

image (76)

…and exchanged numbers with more long lost homies, friends, colleagues, and allies.

image (81)

Chantelle and I grabbing a quick flick before exiting this wild, worthy and well-done affair.

Word in the building was that the next Everyday People Brunch will be in two weeks.

image (84)

Au revoir

I’ll catch you there!