brooklyn de la creme 6-001Brooklyn de la Creme.

Simply put, when you live an unpretentious life- rich, bountiful, and positive- you most likely could care less about reflecting on the opinions and mental barriers of those who act on the contempt of muffling people with their cynicism for a living.

You’ll have every reason to smile and take your style the extra mile!

My essential theme for shining here with Brooklyn de la Creme.

Mess no longer concerns you, abundance engulfs you, life feels good and timeless treasures flow from the heavens like water.

Cheers to a new year, full of Winter whites and bright lights in #2015.
brooklyn de la creme 9
Brooklyn de la creme-002Brooklyn de la creme 4Hat: Barbisio
Shirt: H&M
Pant: Calvin Klein
Blazer: Paul La Fontaine
Shoe: Nike Blazer High Premium– Gym Red Sneaker


Photo Credit: Sissi Johnson