A day in Dumbo, Brooklyn(NYC)

Dumbo is an area bustling with cobble stone roads, coffee shops, and chic boutiques that sport an overall vintage feel. Have you ever been there?

Braving the cold and snow capped roads, I veered up for a day of exploring that fit perfectly for picturesque views and a quiet escape from the inner city commotion. Cheers to stumbling upon adventure and clearly doing what makes you feel good.

Clothing credits beneath photos. Enjoy!

Tony Triumph NYC

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Tony Triumph Brooklyn

Tony Triumph Stylish black man

Stylish man with great smile

Freedom tower brooklyn bridge

Stylish man dumbo brooklynHat: Stetson
Scarf: Zam Barrett
Watch: Kenneth Cole Collection
Pocket Square: Original Penguin
Shirt: Rugby by Ralph Lauren
Belt: Barney’s New York
Pants: Zam Barrett
Socks: Richer-Poorer
Shoe: Cole Hann