A day in my life!

Currently based in NYC for a slew of exciting projects, my work days have been fast paced and filled with a never ending commute. In the midst of it all, men who work in fashion have an identical standard to women’s, and even though we don’t have to hustle and bustle around in heels- smooth, sleek ensembles remain a requirement.

Staying ready for everything from appointments and client meetings, to evening charity gala’s and opening receptions my daily threads serve justice to the work that I do. Tune in below to see the way I make it all flow.

10 AM:

New York Men's FashionWell, my day started with this “70’s meets contemporary dapper” apparel (as one of my colleagues calls it), and reels in on the basics of my daytime work + evening event looks all-in-one.


Tony Triumph Fashion

Parked on a matte wood sideboard, rocking a wool beret, Zara neck tie, Navy throwback Balmain blazer, Asos red skinny jeans, and a pair of Battistoni men’s shoes, my first meeting was over sooner than I thought.


style story

Tony Triumph Fashion So I headed back to the office and grabbed my vintage classic leather duffel before my next appointment.

Stylish Black Men NYC Where I moved along and did the 7th Avenue cab stroll.


Starbucks Fashion

Clouds in my coffee. I dropped in a popular coffee chain (I won’t mention the name as they were pissed we were here taking photos for free) for my afternoon pick me up!

Men's Fashion Blogger

Tony Triumph New YorkSmile for style, and pocket square pick me ups.


Taxi Cab ConfessionsTaxi Cab confessions. Looping and logging around on my last leg of errands before heading Downtown.

New York City Brand ManagerThe finale: Emails, deadlines, and a half hour SKYPE conference.

All in a days work.

Wardrobe + Styling: My own

Photography: Lauren Taubenfeld, Student @ The New School