Summer, Summer, Summer Suit time!

Last week, I was able to sync with my new photographer Angelito, who I had long planned to fire up some fresh frames with. Finally, I was showing off my 2014 Summer suit style. Per any New York City Summer, it’s been a jam packed busy one for me, so here snapped my way of rekindling my interest to the sharing of my daily threads.

For the record, it was crazy hot and humid on this day, and if I could’ve had it any other way I would’ve worn a tank top and some cut off shorts. Yet I had an important cocktail event that night, so arriving well suited called for the occasion.

In a quiet park just outside of New York City, I caught an occasional coastal breeze, as my photographer snapped some cool “street style” photos just before I headed to the city. Tune my looks details below.

Photos: Angelito Jusay
Triumph empire state 1 resize


Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Blazer: Lanvin

Pant: The Gap

Socks: Uniqlo

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Hat: Stetson USA

Glasses: Proof Eyewear

Watch: Kenneth Cole

Bracelet: H&M(leather), Brooklyn street vendor(iron/beaded)

Tony Triumph Empire state

Triumph empire state 3tony triumph empire state 2

Triumph empire state 4

triumph empire state 12

triumph empire state 8

Triumph empire state 6

triumph empire state 9 resize

triumph empire state 9-001