Stepping up my game as more than just the occasional fashion model, PR boy and event blogger, “style” became an enviable part of my societal distinction this past year. As it not only allowed me to stand out as a Brown Boy in Paris but also work as a cool “Fashion Therapist“, my palms were often driven straight into the hands of diplomats, legendary celebrities, co-founders of world famous events, and some of the pop culture scene’s coolest connoisseurs. Now as a full-service brand manager, this professionally “stylish” image obviously plays a pivotal role in the success of the brands that I represent.

Pliable to the aforementioned activities, The Triumphant Scoop became a perfect space to share a few of my realities.

Here’s to T. Style & The City and its finest documented moments.


Paris- Zara hat- resizeMay 2013: Montparnasse, Paris. Equipped with a scooter bike and plenty of cobble stones, I used this simply bright and beautiful day to pay homage to one of my signature looks while living in France.

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Paris- Blue Suit- resizeApril 2013: Montparnasse, Paris. Showing off my new custom bespoke suit, as it was inspired by Gucci’s S/S 2013 collection.

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Paris- Single group- resize(l-r): First day of Paris Couture Fashion Week, after a night out in Châtelet, an evening exploring Île de la Cité(posed on an old Benz), matched with a blue alleyway in place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville in the city’s IVe arrondissement.

Paris- yellow pants- resizeMay 2013 (l-r): Posing in front of the Arc de Triomphe and everyone’s favorite landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

Paris- Cafe royale- resizeFebruary 2013: An evening desert and tea sip in Palais Royale’s Cafe Le Royale.

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NYC- Meatpacking-resizeAugust 2013: Meatpacking District, NYC. Catching up on emails at The Diner, one of my favorite diners in the city.


NYC- Singles- resize(l-r): June 2013-  Monochromatic colors at The Women and Fashion in Film Festival launch party. August 2013- Afropunk music festival in yellow slacks, brown belt and a funky pocket square. August 2013- I stumbled across my own church in Harlem, NY rocking a slick pair of overalls and brown rustic rider boots.


NYC- Singles1(l-r): June 2013- The 14& 9th street intersection of The High Line park wearing blue slacks, a blazer, and skinny neck tie. August 2013- another shot of me rocking my overall jumper in Harlem, NY, which I still can’t believe I pulled off.


New Orleans- Singles- resize(l-r): July 2013- Vacation time, I celebrated my birthday during the Essence Music Festival down in New Orleans.

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NYFW- Street style- resize(l-r) September 2013: Sporting Solid colors and catchy accessories to New York Fashion Week events held at Lincoln Center.

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NYFW- Stylelounge- resize(1-r): September 2013- Trendy dapper lux ensemble for New York Fashion Week’s Style Lounge Event at the The Empire Hotel.

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Thoughts on my 2013 T. Style & The City finest style moments?

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