Moving past the gridlocks of 2014’s F-ups, Freak-outs and Failures, and moving yourself towards Forgiveness and Freedom.

As a writer, I could pump the life out of my brain, setting up for an impacting word of wisdom a whole week in advance, to have it fall flat and totally irrelevant a mere two days later.  Thanks be to the efforts of mainstream media squeezing out something new and gag worthy every other hour, societal dilemma’s have become a hard topic to tackle in one letter.

Tony Triumph in Brooklyn 3Motivate, pick-up the pieces, and persevere.

But clearly, Kumbuya is the last song society wants to hear right now. Pondering through this wave of confusion, uncontrollable feelings, and pure drain- I’ve watched my social media feeds set a blaze after yet another injustice rocks our community. Slews of open letters and opinions continue to fly across blogs and break the internet. Social media preachers lining up for their moments of free speech, slandering everyone from the government, to police officers, rioting black people, and racist white people.  The majority of us are lost for words, unsure how to react. Not to mention we’re coasting through the last month of 2014, a general season of joy, winter wonders and family feasts, now replaced by freights, fear, and fights with the powers that be.

Headlining even the most entertainment geared news, like a bi-polar tidal wave of limitless information, we jumped from last month’s Ebola lunacy all the way down to internet breaking bowls of Kardasian booty. Then sadly, weeks later it was all about ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ in Ferguson, and shortly after, ‘We can’t breathe’ in New York City. Mike Brown and Eric Garner have taken the media by storm. Many loot, riot, and retaliate, others mellow out and meditate, unsure how to shuck & jive with the system, or where to flow next. We’ve hit a patch in society where emotional sensationalism is painful for most, but profit for plenty of others. One second we’re authenticating famewhores and hyping up celebrity culture, the next we’re suddenly depressed, pissed and panicking over the acquittal of two cops over the murdering of two unarmed black men. There’s never been so many growing concerns over the brain and mental health issues in the history of the world.

Wild and cliche are the concerns for future justice and equality, but overall our priorities remain out of order. The powers that be have nothing against someone with enough sense to control what they allow to influence them.

tony triumph in brooklyn 4Break habits and control your own mind!

Ponder, plot, then persevere, proudly and intelligently, I always say. Society has no power to reject you from the glorious lifestyle that this raggedy system didn’t design for most to experience in the first place.

Tony Triumph Fall Freedom

Let go of everything that’s been done, and look forward to all that will be!

Don’t exhaust yourself with rage and riot- it’s all correlative to the Fall blues. Let harvest time do it’s thing, and reap all of the intellectual notoriety of our past leaders. Reap the benefits of all the respect you’ve worked your butt off to gain. Freedom from fear, freak-outs, and failures. C’mon now, past leaders didn’t march, give speeches, and leave us with their wisdom for us to ramble and riot in 2014. Spark change with the fire of your intellect! Act out, and do it loud, but organize and do it right! In addition, mute the world, the news, the propaganda- it’s societal purpose is to ingrain fear and outrage! Please, no further reaction without a clear thought, and a clear plan.

Ponder, plot, then persevere, proudly and intelligently…always.

My quarterly food for thought.