Dear Tony,

troy1-002I’ve followed your blog for months now and truly admire what you do for people and overall what you’ve done for yourself. You’ve come  all the way from Baltimore, Maryland to the Big Apple and have moved and grooved your way to success. When we met, we were so young and both trying to figure out how to get the most out of life. Although we both started out in modeling, our paths split. I’m now a budding musician and in recent years, decided to move back to the Bronx with my family, into a not so ideal living situation, all for the love of music. I’ve been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to record my EP, but now it’s just sitting there collecting dust, as I have no PR background and at a loss as to how to promote my project and build my career in such a brand dominated industry. Any suggestions?

Name: Ms. Troy T.
Age: 25
Occupation: Musician/ Artist
Location: Bronx, New York

Tony Triumph Brand ManagerHey Troy,

First and foremost, thank you for the love and loyalty. As you’ve noticed, it’s been an unending journey coming from Baltimore, and making my way through this hard knock, fickle, prickle behind industry. I give nothing but love back to you for recognizing my progress. Thank you babe, much appreciated.

Well, the beauty of your situation is the fact that you’ve recognized a global prognosis regarding basic business in 2014. Branding is such an intricate yet crucial part of building any successful career.

Don’t ever look at your EP as just “collecting dust”, as I’m sure merely producing, recording, and mastering this production was an accomplishment in itself. Then again as you know, we can never get too caught up on life’s first success, so I too see where you are coming from.  I won’t be cliche and simply advise you to jump out into social media land, and grind up for mass self-promotion. Of all the options in 2014, I’m sure you’re already holding yourself down through plenty of cyber options. As you are a humble person, more on the reserved side, you would better benefit from the traditional ways of marketing. Be consistent, and the right people will notice + fall into place.

Have you thought about what you’d like to be remembered for? Also, how you’d like to appear visually to the public? Other than Grace Jones, not many models have successfully turned into musicians. Use your entire package to your advantage. Use your modelsque refinement to lure in the fish. Not to make yourself sound like a bait trap, but people are more influenced by our visual entities these days than anything else. Once lured in, set your boundaries, put on your business face, and solicit your product.

You may not be the industry type, but you’ll have to get out more and get up under some like minded, yet progressive individuals. Quality of course, never quantity. Hell, you may need to get up under a few people you can’t stand for the sake of getting where you need to go. Just keep it professional, get in, extend your pleases and thank you’s, then curtsy on away. Use technology to connect with the behind the scenes big dogs, and be bold at setting up meetings with these folks. Professionalism is a rarity these days and it goes a very long way. People may be prone to bullshit, but they are not blind to talent. Your raw talent, your professionalism, your strong look and your visual impact will connect the first steps to the building of your brand.

You’ve got it Troy. Keep going.





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