Spoiler-Alert: The BET Awards will Re-air tonight at 7pm. If you plan to watch then we suggest coming back and scrolling down afterward.

Generically, as I am with the entirety of any and all these whimsical little arrays of award shows, I kicked my feet up and got all my shenanigans ready. Twitter on-lock, popcorn popped, roman noodles ready, etc. I’m done with watching reality TV so there would be no conflicts of interest for the 11th Annual EBT BET Awards. Yet by the time my phone rung at 7:50, I was saying deuces to The BET Awards by 8:15 then getting my eat on at a chic little spot in Fort Greene, Brooklyn by 8:30. All throughout dinner, I followed the usual brigades of hilarious black folks on twitter including @Juneambrose and @lilduval who had me chuckling so much through dinner that I had my phone confiscated by a friend. So as you see, my schedule didn’t allow for me to properly cover this years show as in depth as I had planned.

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Here were my favorite highlights of the show, from what I DID catch:

An alphabet of Celebs both new and old strolled through Sunday nights BET awards show. From Nicki Minaj to Nene Leakes, brigades of A and Z list celebrity’s tore down Sunday’s red carpet, posing for the paparazzi, not to miss a flash of press during BET’s two hour pre-show.

(Getty didn’t snap her so we linked in this pic from one of our fav blogs, The Fashion Bomb Daily)

Choreographer Lorraine Gibson tripped in(and nearly hit the floor)during a quick interview for the pre-show in what looked like an incomplete outfit. We’re guessing her dressing room time was cut short and with the new reality show to premiere soon, missing an interview is a no-no for anyone re-launching their career. We’re hoping this was just a little something something she threw on so she wouldn’t miss the carpet and WAS NOT her planned outfit.

I’m sure you all caught the very pregnant Nia Long and that ageless face. She truly is black Hollywood’s sweetheart.

Beyonce claims that girls “Run the World”, but I know who runs Hollywood. The Smiths!

Trey songs held it down for the lady’s’. All screams from the audience, I yawned as usual.

That is until he teamed up with Kelly Rowland  and as Bet.com stated, got ” unusually motivated by their sensual performance.” In the midst of everybody’s new found love for Kelly, her career is the true epitome of having patience. Have you all noticed all the new-found respect she’s garnered from the world recently?

Yo Chris, the people love you- but I think the majority of us laughed at your outfit.

The social media world spoke words better then I ever could have about Cee-loo green. Straight-up, “Cee-loo Green looked like a bloated porcupine.”

We’re never usually style bashers over here at The Scoop, but as you can see with Cee-loo Green, sometimes the things that inspire your mind and spirit can’t always compliment your body. I’ve read quite a few blogs since the awards aired, and boy I tell ya’.  If I had a dollar for every commenter who recycled this “bloated porcupine” joke we’d all be Donald Trump rich!

Now onto The Diary of a video vixen turned rapper, Lola Monroe. I find her look too interesting not to at least mention her. Even-though she was nominated for an award on Sunday, I don’t think she earned much camera time behind it(I have to watch again to double check this). At least we dag on sure remember her from the plethora of G-unit video’s from back in the day.

Lola Monroe suggestion: Loose the bleach blonde side flip, your stunning- but your look is way too similar to Keri Hilson’s! Your in the same boat as Eva Marcelle, the blonde hair  takes away from your face. Be the pretty doll faced rapper, you’ll stand out.

Terrence and Jessica white seemed to be keeping it very friendly post awards show. I got a future power couple vision after I spotted this picture. They would make quite the well balanced couple(if they aren’t already one) as they both have a whole lot of what the other could use a little of. He has the media world, she has the fashion world. That’s a good look you two. 😉

#Freeass, a trending topic? Insight or insult? Ha,  I say truth and #thatisall. What’s this about you ask? Well, During the post show Legendary 106&Park; host Free left viewers astonished via the mere sight of that killer bottom of hers. With all due respect, her rear-end gave Nicki Minaj, Serena, J-lo and everybody else with famous rear-ends a run for their money. Wish I had a pic to show ya, but whatever- look-out for it.

Missed the whole show?

The BET Awards will Re-air tonight at 7pm. #Getintoit

*Most photos are courtesy of www.gettyimages.com and/or Bet.com

-The Scoop