LL Cool J to release 14th Studio Album!

429 RECORDS LL COOL JCelebrating his 30th year in music (wow, LL’s is getting up there), LL Cool J’s newest album Authentic features LL in his conventional L(ady’s), L(ove), C(ool), J(ames) sensation. Executive produced by the multi-platinum artist himself, this time around LL has returned to jump up the volume and create an album of power that speaks directly to his fans.

“With Authentic, I wanted to work on a project that was for the true fans,” LL says. “I’m not trying to compete with 17-year-olds on the radio, but I am talking directly to the folks who came up with me. We may not be teenagers anymore, but we do still like to have fun.” LL does have a point, real, meaningful music needs a comeback. However  as far as succeeding in album sales goes, does Cool James not know that adults his age rarely buy music anymore- and that teens and young adults make up the largest margin in music sales? On the bright side, even if this album does flop, LL has long made his iconic mark on the music industry.

LL’s Authentic album  wont be available until April, to pre-order your copy click here. 

Awkward Black Girl’s Cece Recaps Season 2!


Ever so quick, candid, and comical, the second season of Awkward Black Girl draws to its end.  From Jay’s sexual competences with ‘White Jay’ to  her delusional gut buster coworkers,  clumsy interviews, cheap new friends,  and  an obnoxious new boss- this seasons hoopla gave  Jay plenty to carve into her priceless raps, one of the many highlights of this addictive web-series.

TONIGHT: Stay tuned to Pharrel’s I AM OTHER channel as pt. 1 of ABG’s season finale premieres  tonight(2/14/13). At the rate of last weeks episode. how much do you guys bet their will be some widely anticpated

[youtube id=”zA6lyCdpbyg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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