Enticingly creative, climatic, and culturally attractive, Nineteen74.com indubitably feed my mind the identical retrospect to that of an artisans paradise. You know, those collective hardware shops with rows and rows of artistic tools that enforce our right for some good ole’ creative expression. Inspirational escapes that are merely in place to seal in all the individualism and creative juice required for us to justify our art forms. Nineteen74.com ultimately boils to life that illustrious pot you’ve always wanted, every artist just as innovative as can be and unknowingly bridging the gap between global arena and local spectrum. Those of us that sign-up are granted the opportunity to stay afloat with international users and benefit from the reality that we’re all just a hop, a skip, and a jump away from Vogue-worthy collaboration.

 Above: A sample of my personalized Nineteen74.com homepage.

Nineteen74.com influences what I call ‘The Advancement Obsessed Go-getters of Fashion'(AOGF) that long awaited opportunity to roll over in a reign of new repertoire. Fundamental, underground, and non-nuisanced, they are a new fashion media platform covertly being utilized for networking, partnerships, launching projects, and a host of other things absolutely for FREE.

With our industry, idea’s and creative influences continuing to broaden, I’ve realized that so must my accessibility to other worldly regions. Especially when the new regions I anticipate on successfully infiltrating don’t always move and groove with whats popular in the America’s. Nineteen74’s systematic approach to such a complex blueprint makes way for users to mingle with just the right amount of professional profiles that they need to. Thusfar I’ve connected with a glorious amount of movers and shakers within these globalized grounds. Including, but not limited to one of our fabulous and uber skilled contributors Ms. Lily Tan Niu of London, England. Many industry people have frowned in disapproval and even blacklisted some professionals when they make it clear that they utilize these websites. Yet let me make myself clear, if it weren’t for these websites and their endorsements of brand development, productivity, and the importance of network based opportunity’s then I would have never learned the cycle of career building. The transparent downside to these skill-filled havens are their obvious lack of concern over whom they allow membership, though Nineteen74 tends to hold a natural hierarchy via their obvious appeal to some very established and high-quality participants. This lead by example strategy discourages any ‘Mayhem’ that attempts to spill over from other websites and also protects the globalized initiative of Nineteen74 from becoming downplayed by mediocrity. Yet smack in the middle of this high-fructose corn-syrup of an artist’s tool, Nineteen74.com is also backed by an unconventionally easy-going format as well as their very own international publication! Created by the eclectic energy of Nineteen74.com, Schon Magazine is the voluptuous mountain top of inspiration that your career is just itching to discover.

For your very own Scoop of Schon! Magazine and Nineteen74, step into their vision here: Nineteen74.com.