Of course you remember it, that 1999 music video astonishment that insisted of our very own, first handed view of New York City being morphed into a spinning record. Harmonized and brought to life by an eclectically prophetic Lauryn Hill, we watched, looked and listened as she annotated the struggles of injustice and misinterpretation that we faced in the black/urban community. Her ducking and dodging of that turn table needle as it scratched back in forth clearly represented the day to day perplexity’s that most of us New Yorker’s have honestly grown quite used to.

For Lauryn Hill’s, Everything is Everything: Freedom, Revelation, and hopes for Restoration ride the coat tails to the true meaning behind this timeless creation of a video.
The gift of prophecy is one of the most privileged to own in life. Quite frankly, I’m astonished at how the makings of our past are usually more meaningful to our future.

“I wrote these words for everyone, Who struggles with their youth. Who won’t accept deception, Instead of what is truth.”

All the Best,