originalThere’s a saying in pop-culture society that goes, “The Shade Is Real”.

No pun intended, this weekend’s Afropunk fest offered the most eclectic styles of ‘real’ shades we’d ever seen. Sunshine and Afro-edgy vibes fixed in the perfect mix for us to capture Afropunk’s Hottest Eyewear! Yet as we conversated amongst guest, surprisingly most had no idea who their shades were by. Is this the sign of society’s breaking point from the pretentious, label-whoring carnivores that we once were?  Or was it merely the low-key, modest, and free-spiritedness of the Afropunk army?

You’ll decide. Catch our shades scoop below:

Photos: Tony Tsai


@eclecticrelaxation Afropunk Streetstyle shades

IG: @eclecticrelaxation

Afropunk Brooklyn Derrick Middleton Miu Miu shades Derrick Middleton

Afropunk SunglassesIG: @mary2thegame

Afropunk cool streetstyleIG: @thecarteraesthetique

Afropunk black men with great style sunglassesIG: @kellyrowlandblunts

Afropunk BrooklynIG: @chuck_geezus

Afropunk throwing shade sunglassesIG: @ayacle

throwing shade afropunk brooklynIG: @rare_vision

Afropunk streetstyle Brooklyn IG: @connperignon

Afropunk sunglasses streetstyle

Afropunk Brooklyn Black man with a smileIG: @j.fear_

Afropunk Brooklyn Streetstyle

Afropunk Brooklyn Sissi Johnson IG: @AskSissi

Afropunk Stylish African man

Afropunk Brooklyn Streetstyle IG: @Mynado

Afropunk Brooklyn Streetstyle

Afropunk Brooklyn Streetstyle SunglassesIG: @avantgarde1913

Afropunk Brooklyn Black man smileIG: @solomonlang_

Afropunk Brooklyn Beautiful woman streetstyleIG: @ellenxtellnobody

Afropunk Hottest ShadesIG: @____tp____

Afropunk Brooklyn Hottest eyewear IG: @mahoyoofficial


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