What a dope opportunity this was! My ensemble was the basic portrayal of the character I was cast to play. A Fashion Stylist. ;-). Rarily do we realize it but we all play this side of the boat often, as having a dope style is an un-evitable part of being successful in any major city. I’ve noticed that most stereotypical stylist are simple, solid and as sleek as can be. As you can see, I held my preconception in place.
Model: Devyn dazzled in a creation by an on-set designer that took merely 30 minutes to create. Can’t you tell it didn’t take long? Although most of the set was in complete “Awe” over this dress, I thought it looked extremely cheap. Sorry, I wasn’t able to catch the designers name even though we spoke about 20 times.
Whilst “Betty” stood out from her suave and elegant co-workers at “Mode” magazine, in her vintage Williamsburg inspired clothing as always,

I kept it sexy in, Tony- Shirt: French Blk “Club Monaco” Button-up, Bottom: Grey stone-wash “ksubi” jeans and Shoes(off camera): Blk “Steve Madden” Ankle boots. Watch: Macy’s “Kenneth Cole” collection. Belt: Vintage New York Times themed w/ New Roman-Script writing. Soho “Urban Outfitters” find.

Looking for “ksubi” jeans? Catch them here: http://www.mycatwalk.com.au/pages/tsubi-jeans_8.html

For other “Ugly Betty” gear, drop into Bloomingdales or Kenneth Cole today. They offer the best distinction of smooth, sleek, sexy black colors.

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