beyonce-superbowl-ravens-49ersSuper Bowl 47 was evidently all about Beyonce. From stans hashtaging #beyoncebowl the entire game via Twitter, to the generic “Twitter is over capacity” shut down during her performance, to some angry 49er’s fan cutting the power outage(and the Ravens losing their momentum), plus endless Destiny’s Child reunion cheer- this years game provided quite a spectacle of thrills!

Here’s our line-up Sunday’s most exhilarating, hilarious, and down right wrong tweets of the night. Starting with the below pic, which begin circulating around social media just an hour before kick-off.  #didbeyonceovershadowthegameorwhat?


 Followed  by funny man comedian Mike Epps obviously spilling the truth.


As the game progressed, the Ravens trickled all across the field,  landing multiple touchdowns and fiercely leading the San Francisco 49ers, 21-6. At this point, DC native Taraji P. Henson knew what time it was.


To Beyonce fans, it seems as if it took forever to get to halftime, so we wont waste time getting to it in this post. #Beyoncebowl


Just as soon as Beyonce’s performance reared up, an unending brigade of celebrity Beyonce stans united!

Supermodel Naomi Campbell could clearly relate to the execution of Beyonce’s flawless commencement strut.


and she tweeted this photo along with the message:


As Naomi’s”The Face” co-host , Supermodel Coco Rocha could also relate…




Fellow blogsite ConcreteLoop was definitely feeling  the#Beyoncebowl…




As was everybody’s favorite mogul, media maverick, and billionaire, Oprah!


oprah winfrey


…and of course, her super stylish sister, DJ & Model Solange Knowles.



..then once again, we blinked-  and here magically arose Kelly and Michelle as Beyonce ignited the lyrics to  “Bootylicious”. An official DC3 reunion had dawned.destinys-child-superbowl47

Followed by an unmatched observation by none other then Bill Maher.



Eventhough Michelle is still a bit on the bony side, everybody’s weaves were especially on point.


Word on the street: Even B’s stage had it’s own weave!


…and that Beyonce’s performance had so many people tweeting that Twitter had an unofficial meltdown! [No word on how true this is].

….meanwhile, the celebrity stans kept the #Beyonce hastags flowing…



While Star Jones made hilarious attributions towards next years half time performer…



Rapper Frank Ocean chimed in as well,  appropriating more Beyonce overshadowing of the game itself.



Shout-out to @JJazzy83 in Baltimore for helping us confirm that  Michelle and Kelly mics were  more then likely muted on purpose.


Then out of nowhere marched a super awkward ‘hi hater’ moment from Keyshia Cole. 


From what I hear, Destiny’s Child fans unleashed a full-throttle cyber attack on Mrs. Cole- Gibson.


Uh, but did she really have to go “FuckN” up the Superbowl groove up with her  irrelevant childhood misery tweets? Pff, anyway!

As the game came to a nerve-wrecking close, and the Ravens  17 point  lead massively slipped away, the  Superbowl 47 Championship was  ultimately handed to the Baltimore Ravens!

Well, atleast someone supported the 49ers, besides the angry 49ers fan who snagged the electrcity after halftime.


Ha, wishful thinking Marlon. 

…and just for laughs:


And heres a final toast to Ray Lewis, and the city of Baltimore:

[[Photo via @raylewis twitter]


-The Scoop