1.) Lil Kim Drops a 5th album, and it goes Platinum:
 Long overdue, long awaited. *Cheers team Kim*
2.) Abolish the “N” word:

 C’mon ya’ll, the “other” folks have been getting out the gate a little too much with this word lately. So I impose that it’s definitely time to do away with it. Even though I grew up w/ just about everyone from my grandmother to my father referring to each other(mostly to describe a black man) as “nigga”, I have to set an example not only to my non African-American pals, but mostly to our current generation. Besides, I wouldn’t want any of us to have to smack-up that Laura Schlessinger chick in 2011. http://www.abolishthenword.com/
3.) Skank Robbers- It’s confirmed:

Current release date scheduled August 19, 2011. According to imdb.com, Halle Berry and George Lopez are set to have supporting roles. Though many are just too through with seeing black men sell themselves short  with more and more “cross-dressing buffoonery”. Others say that these characters should merely just team up with Les Grossman, Madea, and Eddie Murphy’s last three fat suits for one super-fat, super-cross-dressing, super-group movie. I say hey, as long as I’m laughing and my people are getting paid there are no complaints from my department, only compliments. Definitely looking forward 2 rolling on the floor with laughter. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1545104/

4.) Sistah Souljah presents: Midnight, and The Meaning of Love. Midnight pt II.
Current release date is April 12, 2011. Anything Souljah pours her heart into I encourage ALL to pour their eyes into. www.sistersouljah.com

5.) Fox retires from racism:


 If you aren’t hip to how Fox really is, then get into the above video. Spark a discussion in the comments:

6.) Twitter beef: a priceless past-time.
Can’t we all agree to the hilarious allure of watching celebrity beefs get out of control? Priceless past-times at their finest.

7.) More undenaybly dope collaborations such as Kanye’s “Monster” featuring Nikki Minaj, Rick Ross and Jay-z:

Does Kanye West’s “Monster” video strike you as a modern day “Thriller” video? Were you expectant of the morbid theme? Let us know your feedback in the comments.


Till next time. Have a safe, happy and prosperous New Year ya’ll. See you 2011.

Tony Triumph