While London Fashion Week has been brought to a close and everyone shuffles on over to the highly acclaimed Milan shows, I’ll throw you something really quirky I snapped and forgot to post outside of the Giles show from Monday.

The “I’m trying to look like a character” look.
The head peice is dope, the jacket looks expensive, the sheer dress, socks, and shoes–I’m not a fan!  I’m always down with mixing the cheap w/ the expensive, but c’mon now. Not in such an obvious, dirty-sock looking way!

This young lady knew she was quite the character though which is why I’m sure she didn’t mind jumping on the photo op.

What are your thoughts on her quirky style?

Here’s a snap of what the outside of the Giles show worked itself out as. Very much a classic old English Victorian style building. Great selection and great theme Giles folks!