What: An awe-inspiring world where name-brand emblems standout more then magazine editors and dozens of stylish fashionista’s sash-shay all around New York City to attend various runway shows, exhibitions and fashion presentations. International models invade and strut the city with their portfolio books, only to tower over pedestrians and win over the admiration of clueless tourist. Fashion Week- The bible of business to fashion folk, most scurry around tirelessly in regards to cartel matters.  Additional day players chalk-up on the opportunity for a new experience, while locals merely engulf the city into a spectator’s arena of medium sized crowds and mobs. Most participants deeply moved by the possibility of landing on a fabulous style blog, maybe such as “The Triumphant Scoop”? 

Where: New York City, Lincoln Center.

When: February 7th-14th, 2013.



-The Scoop