Beba, Soho.
71 Spring St.

Plush, subtle and with just the right splashes of color, “Euro” meets “Soho” via the new Mediterranean themed Beba. Eyes offset by a whirling backdrop of abstract flowers, the mood sets itself perfect for a contemporary, afternoon lunch. Rose-pedaled lanterns play up a whimsical garden theme, supported by an array of bouquets, fresh sunflowers and rare orchids. Amongst select walls, colorful pigments baptize this South of Houston(Soho) eatery with a crisp and chic atmosphere.

Spare seating awaits via an airy passageway, transitioning down and around a spiral staircase and exposing an additional, bi-level dining domain. An atmosphere unconventional to the usual hipster themed, fashionista’ inspired cafe’s that rival amongst the avenues. Beba present’s itself as a craft, hugging the words art, beauty and delicacy dear to it’s Greek and Spanish influenced heart. With dishes like the Pan Crisped Spanish Mackerel, miniature country salads, Rock of Lamb infused w/ Feta & Mint and of course it’s specialty, the Beba Bundle do nothing less then make mouths water.

Personally, I can feel the spirit of a good ole’ Italian & French themed chowdown sounding off at Beba. All in one safe, cross-cultural forkful. Business partners Richie Romero, Chris Willard and maestro Dimitris Nakos want you to find out for yourself.

Beba: 71 Spring Street @ Lafayette. New York, NY, 10012. Reservations: 212.343.2322

Peep Beba’s full menu <--here @ grubstreet.
See ya’ there!

Triumph 😉