The Triumphant Scoop Presents, “Triumph’s Top 10 Fall Essentials”:

Stooging around your favorite city can be enough of a hassle as it is- looping and logging around school supplies, running errands, and sometimes being prepared for everything from the doctors office, to a charity gala in a short blink of an hour. As our lifestyles, careers, and obligations grow, so must the ease of our everyday bustle. City life approved, here’s our list of this Fall’s Top 10 Essentials.

1.) Errand Runners:

A fresh pair of converse sneakers should do the trick. As seen best on the “Suits” campaign, Converses are perfect for lunch break errands, trucking it to work on those Citi-bikes, and turn style jumping after a long day of work. Converses are my number #1 pick, as they go smooth with suits and generally come in both muted and special edition colors to stride with every taste bud.

suits and converses

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Guys & Girls- Narrow down your selections below.

2.) Stylish Carry-all Bag

Triumph new york manbag

Sleek, neutral, and stylishly colored, you should never leave home w/o it between 9am & 6pm. Contents: Errand runners (as seen above), a nice pin (an ink-pin that someone lets you borrow and you abruptly wait for its return saying, “Oh, that’s my good pen!”), an agenda book, your portfolio book(or I-pad), and LOTS of business cards.

For him & her- Something convenient, light, durable and unisex- with lots of storage compartments.

3.) Custom Bespoke Suit

Tony Triumph journalist

Theirs nothing better then a custom fit suit, besides a good style tip. As we’ve noted inside the “Gucci Pleasures” post, “Through these looks, we create confidence and bless ourselves with originality, a pleasant tune that we should all be singing to.” We all owe it to ourselves to not only look and feel good, but to fit good too.

Just about every major department store offers made to measure suit options. If you want a real treat, step on over to Bergdorfs, Bloomingdales, or Brooks Brothers.

4.) Rider Boots:

Tommy Hilfiger equestrian rider boots

Never will there stroll something so unique and stylish as rider boots. Not everyone can get away with a strut in these, so a little research on proper style etiquette is advised. Brothers, rider boots can have a feminie aspect to them, so maintain your masculinity by keeping them below the knee and paired with a blazer. Certainly not an everyday piece, but it’ll always be an exclusive one.
For him- Barney’s New York currently has a pair of AIGLE rider boots for $180.

Ts top 10 fall essentials2-001

Though I purchased my pair from an official Jockey riders shop, which you can check out here.

For her-

5.) Social Media “Interest” Card

Screen Shot 2013-10-014

Chances are, if you live in a major city- you connect with dozens of new on a weekly basis. As my list of casual associates grows longer and longer, I’m often posed with the question- do I really want all these random strangers holding on to my phone number? Not to mention, it’s a sure way to increase the quantity of your quality followers.

Vistaprint always has a decent sale going on. Get em while they’re hot here.

By the way, have you connected with us on Twitter & Instagram yet?

6.) A Signature Accessorie:

Ts top 10 fall essentials

An eye-catching accessories is THE key ingredient for smooth style shenanigans, and can make any outfit look like a million bucks. Guys, do it up with Optimo hats (in multiple colors), pocket squares, scarves, brooches, and belts. Though I’m often seen as a dapper don, bow-ties have become way too overdone, so avoid them this season at all costs.

Girls- Step into turbans (in multiple colors)- as seen on fellow bloggers Valerie & Jean, rings, animal themed jewelry (Elle), and fascinating nail designs(Lalaa Misaki).

7.) A few t-shirts that go POW!

Disney and florals seem to kicking up the imagination notches to the T! A good t-shirt always make a good conversation starter.

8.) Armando Cabral Shoes:

Armando Cabral shoes mr porter

A decadent new shoe collection pulled together by fellow fashion model Armando Cabral, servicing the fly guy foot needs of both the ladies and gents.

“An aesthetic fusion of minimalism with a classic approach, and careful attention to detail, the design is idiosyncratic to the brands ideals.

Manufactured in the Italian shoe-making district of Marche, the engrained Italian sensibilities of transcendent creativity, tradition, design, and innovation are fully immersed in the fabrication and construction of our product.”

Armando Cabral shoes are available online via, and you can check your local boutiques here.

9.) A $5 Emergency metro-card:


Yes, so many of us think we are just oh too good for the train. Yet many have no choice during rush hour, crazy events and when cabbies just can’t be found(or in many cases, just don’t wish to stop for certain minorities). Winter is right around the corner, and I’d hate for any of you to be SOL(so out of luck)and forced to walk anywhere in the dead beat of a cold, wet, winter. Learn to keep one of those little maps with you too, as you never know which borough you may end-up in. So yea, learn to appreciate our underground wheels of steel. =D

Besides, as you can see below, celebrities ride the train too!

[Clockwise from the left: Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson, Madonna, Jay Z, and Swiss Beats]

celebrities on the subway

10.) External Phone Charger

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 9.56.10 PM

From pocket charge stations to attachable juice packs, 2013 is the forbidden era to walk around with a dead phone. Just imagine how much you would miss out on, if only you cant get to those important emails and beloved iMessages before the end of your long, 12 hour days. Especially for you international jet-lagged folks. Its a life-saver, I nearly drowned on the late boat before I owned one. Not to mention Mophie has an array of stylish colors available.

Certainly worthwhile the investment, snag yours below: