Wed evening I had my ‘oh-so-chic’ fashion week reporter Ms. Tanasha Mclaurin cover Odyn Vovk’s Spring/Summer 2010 presentation. Indeed, it was quite the discovery.

In the words of Ms. Mclaurin: “Designer Austin Sherbanenko’s latest debut took place at 83 Lafayette St.  For me, his presentation created a very rough and frenetic energy yet I still enjoyed the spectacle of it. So far I’ve seen several of the trendy street-wear style designers moving forward with dark and destructive themed clothing this season. Maybe there’s a new aged goth on the rise. As for the event space, they certainly didn’t put a lot of designing into it. The space looked as if a bunch of disparate objects were brought together and placed right before the show. However, I like the innovative way that these strange objects were used as hangers to display Odyn Vovk’s pieces from the collections (mostly jackets and jeans as seen in the photos).

Weird sounds tried their best to soothe my ears as BOOM BOOM BOOM made dramatic music effects that aligned smoothly with it’s spooky atmosphere. Spook-tacular Halloween music that’s come a month too soon, the rattled background of Odyn Vovk Spring 2010 models were a twilight of zombies that gave off deep, dark stares as everyone took pics. Overall I was bombarded with a rainstorm of Resident Evil influenced blazers, leather jackets, super skinny jeans, denim vest, coolots (are they coming back?), and hoodies.”

 As you can see below, Tanasia(left) coincidentally contrasted the colors of her own Fall couture w/ the darkness of Odyn Vovk’s. I’m certain all the other color loving attendee’s were oh so grateful.

Tanasia tipped toed us in with a golden flesh palette of Ralph Lauren harem pants, a chic Bebe blazer and a clean Michael Kors blouse beneath. Those vintage heels topped it off as did Tanasia’s pocketbook and of course her sleek, modelsque pony tale.

“I would say I got more of a Fall /Winter vibe from this collection. There was no color, the designer focused only on blacks, grays, and dark denim. Not the fresh spring looks I was looking for. This line is definitely for the urban Williamsburg, Lower East side type. The brightest piece was a light acid washed denim vest (worn by the African-American model that I thought was so cute and skinny). I wasn’t a big fan of the denim coolots and the “bellhop” inspired jacket. The leather motorcycle jackets and leather shirt w/denim sleeves were edgy and cool as always. Overall, the collection was alright and would fit perfectly for anyone who wants to be Marilyn Manson.”

PS. check out those furry black shoes worn by the Asian model, it reminds me of the old school diesel sneaks everyone had.

Glad to cover for The Scoop.”



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