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As of the last week of October, 2013:

13- New age of “Whip my Hair” singer and actress Willow Smith as of October 31st. (Wikipedia)
Willow Smith

$350– Cost of  Trayvon Christian’s Salvatore Ferragamo belt, the 19 year college student who was stopped and handcuffed by undercover NYC officers allegedly alerted by a Barney’s NY sales clerk who believed his transaction was fraudulent. (Huffington Post)

Trayvon Christian Barneys New York

$2,504– Cost of Kayla Williams Celine handbag, the 21-year-old college student who was allegedly attacked by undercover NYC officers who did not believe her Barney’s NY transaction was legitimate. (Newsone)
Red Celine Bag Barneys

$100 million The revenue mark that upcoming film Best Man Holiday is expected to surpass.  (Indiewire)


$18 billion– Debt to the city of Detroit (Huffington Post)

City of Detroit


Bonus: Shop Ferragamo and Celine without being quarantined-